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We work to transform your wealth into a lasting legacy.

Independent Financial Solutions, Unlimited Possibilities.

We do everything with intention

Custom Strategies for Your Financial Future

We empower you with personalized financial solutions, enhancing your buying power, strengthening your negotiating positions, and strategically off setting your costs.


We Want Your Family and Wealth To Prosper

That’s why we started mFORCE Capital. We bridge the gap between laying the foundation and building the rest of the house. As a multi-family office, we’re more than just wealth managers—we’re wealth strategists adept at navigating the intricate financial landscapes of multiple high-net-worth families. We facilitate wealth growth through the execution of custom-tailored strategies, designed exclusively to fulfill unique financial aspirations.

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Empowering your financial legacy

You’ve done well in making sound financial decisions thus far, but you didn’t build your wealth to keep it locked away. Your wealth should enable you to live the life you’ve dreamt of.

Discover the mForce difference

Is your current wealth management plan:
•  Unable to change quickly when your life changes
•  Lacking tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals
•  Keeping you from retiring early
•  Serve the interests of the company you’re working with, rather than yours

At mFORCE Capital, we believe you deserve more than basic financial plans and impersonal service. We designed a multi-family office solution for wealth management—that treats you like family, is prepared to solve every financial problem you have, and always puts your needs first.


If you want to live freely and leave a legacy that lasts for generations, then you need a comprehensive wealth management plan designed to optimize your Family, Business, Philanthropy, Lifestyle, and Legacy goals.

Focus On Your Family

Customized Personal Investment Strategy
Cash Flow Optimization
Insurance Analysis
Personal Risk Management
Governance For Family Meetings
Wealth Transfer Strategies
Tax Minimization Strategies
Trust Services
Next-Gen Education

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Drive Your Business Ambitions

ERISA And 401(K) Expertise
10b5-1 Strategies
Succession Planning
Risk Management
Stock Options Planning
Asset Concentration Strategies
Value Optimization For Exit/Sale
Tax Management Analysis

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Pursue Your Philanthropic Dreams

Philanthropic Plan Development
Impact Investing
Private Foundations
Charitable Trusts
Donor Advised Fund Implementation

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Drive Your Business Ambitions

Real Estate

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Drive Your Business Ambitions

Tax Ways To Leave To Heirs
Family Governance
Estate Planning
What Do You Do When You Inherit

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Tax Minimizing Strategies for Next Generations

secure your future

Discover Your Needs

From sharing dreams over a meal to combing through your financial history, we’ll discover everything there is to know about you, your financial needs, and what you need to build your legacy.

Map Your Future

We’re meticulous when crafting your future. We’ll tailor our solutions and strategies to your needs, optimizing them precisely for your goals and creating a roadmap spanning future generations.

Enjoy Your Life

You can travel the world, give back to your community, and secure your legacy. Your life is yours to live the way you want!

Where Wealth works harder

The driving force behind this revolutionary approach is the concept that when you strive to earn a good living, improve your life, grow a business, or care for your family, you deserve to reap the full benefit.

Brad Bruce and his dedicated team founded mFORCE Capital with a core belief in rewarding hard work. They blended this principle with outstanding service, a strong emphasis on building relationships, and a commitment to breaking free from arbitrary limits, all within a family environment.

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The roadmap to financial success

A step-by-step PDF that outlines the key financial milestones individuals and families should aim for, including wealth preservation, estate planning, and legacy building.

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